Temperature Controller

The temperature controller makes sure that our cavities stay on resonance when RF power is applied. When a RF cavity expands the resonance frequency of the cavity will change which will result in less absorbed RF power. The phase of the RF fields also changes with temperature so it is of great importance that the temperature of the cavity is actively monitored an stabilized using the temperature controller. This is done by measuring the temperature of the cavity using a Pt100 temperature sensor which is the input for the control loop that stabilizes the cavity temperature by either heating or cooling the water that flows through the copper heatsink which is directly connected to the cavity. The temperature control unit is fully integrated in our Statera microwave driver. This part is sold in combination with our Complete systems and Cavity Units and is not sold separately.



  • Heating & Cooling
  • Temperature Stabilization
  • Integration with DrX Statera


Operating Temperature 15 to 35 °C
Temperature Stability < 40 mK*
* In combination with our cavities and DrX Statera