The Team


PROF. Dr. Ir. Jom Luiten

Scientific Advisor


“Electrons make atoms see the light”

Jom is Full Professor and leader of the Coherence and Quantum Technology group at Eindhoven University of Technology. He is interested in fundamental aspects of quantum physics and their application in materials science, nanotechnology and life sciences. One of his major research lines is improving the temporal resolution of electron microscopy, a development with the potential to contribute to all kinds of research and industrial applications.


Eddy Rietman

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Eddy is specialized in CAD/CAM design & manufacturing and in ultra High Vacuum systems. He is a problem solver, thinking about a client’s issues and producing innovative solutions. He is driven by the satisfaction of seeing things he has designed coming to life and working as they should. He works to produce a high standard of design and documentation that gives the client surety.



Harry van Doorn

Senior Electronics Engineer

Harry is specialized in High Voltage Electronics and in Microwave Electronics.





Ir. Thomas Luiten


Thomas focuses on business development, operations to create the future DoctorX Works as a productleader in smart solutions for TEM, SEM and EELS.



Dr. Ir. Jim Franssen

Senior manager R&D

Jim received his PhD at Eindhoven university of technology for his work on a novel compact ultracold electron source. He used RF cavities for diagnosing the properties of electron beams. He is specialized in Electron beams, RF cavities, electron optics and system automation.