Statera 100

The RF cavity is driven by a 100W microwave driver with an active phase and amplitude feedback system. The driver stabilizes the phase and amplitude of the fields in the cavity which results in optimal performance. The driver measures the actual fields in the cavity and compares these both in phase and amplitude with the signal that is offered to the driver. Both the phase and amplitude are then stabalized using loop electronics. The phase and amplitude errors can be monitored on a scope. The driver also allows to control the phase and amplitude directly on the device or via a remote connection (usb/ethernet).



  • Phase feedback
  • Amplitude feedback
  • Digital phase control
  • Digital amplitude control
  • Monitoring reflected power
  • Monitoring transmitted power
  • Integrating with chiller
  • Ethernet Control
  • USB Control


Maximum output power 100 W
Operating frequency At cavity resonance frequency
Relative amplitude stability < 0.1 dB
Phase stability < 0.03 deg (< 30 fs)
Phase resolution 15 bits
Amplitude resolution 10 bits